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Choose Life Mississippi
Janet Thomas; Choose Life Advisory Committee
P.O. Box 12887
Jackson, MS 39236-2887
Phone:  (601) 206-5816
Fax:  (601) 427-2339



The Choose Life specialty license plate, often called a tag in Mississippi, is the first state behind Florida to reach one million in sales.  The Choose Life license plate originated in Florida in 2000 and has received over 5 million in revenues.  The Mississippi Choose Life license plates went on sale in 2002 and   according to Russ Amerling, National Publicity Coordinator for Choose Life license plates, Mississippi has not only reached one million in revenue, but is out selling Florida in per capita sales.  Our current total in revenues is $1,499,232.

The Choose Life Advisory Committee, the non-profit organization responsible for the distribution of funds, has decided that now is the time to launch its first major advertising campaign to increase the sale of the plates.  Funds benefit 38 pregnancy resource centers who are empowering women to choose life for their unborn children.  Choose Life is launching the License to Live ad campaign to increase tag sales during this year because every Mississippi tag must be removed and traded for the newly designed state plates.  “The new ad campaign was designed by the prestigious Cirlot Agency with hopes of persuading Mississippians to trade in their old plates for a Choose Life plate,” according to Terri Herring, Marketing Director for the Choose Life Advisory Committee.

“We want people to realize they can grant Mississippi’s unborn children a License to Live by purchasing a Choose Life tag.  Many women feel overwhelmed when facing an unplanned pregnancy and we support pregnancy resource centers across Mississippi that provide a safe place for women to consider their options,” says Herring.

The state has recently required that tag offices mail all specialty plates instead of keeping them in stock.  This has resulted in a slight decrease in the number of tags sold.  “We want to encourage people to simply take their current license plate to the local tag office, pay $31 and order a new Choose Life tag.  Tags will be mailed and a receipt is all you need during the interim,” according to Janet Thomas, Executive Director for Choose Life.

Choose Life Advisory Committee

P.O. Box 12887
Jackson, MS  39236
Janet Thomas, Executive Director
(601) 206-5816
Terri Herring, Marketing Director
(601) 316-3001

Choose Life, Inc. is an IRC 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible.  100% of funds received are used to promote the Choose Life License Plate.  No salaries are paid to anyone.

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