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Choose Life Story

Choose Life....A simple statement with an important message. It started in the mind of a County Commissioner named Randy Harris in Ocala, FL in 1996. But it took 4 years to become a reality there. Florida was the first state to approve a Choose Life license plate. And the bill was challenged every step of the way by those who did not favor the pro-life position. In 1998 the Florida State Legislature approved the bill and then Governor Lawton Chiles vetoed it and as they say, "The Choose Life license plate went viral." Within six months of the veto, groups and individuals in 35 states were contacting Choose Life, Inc. to ask if Choose Life would help them get a plate in their state.

By the time the Florida plate was available for sale on August 11, 2000, many other state's groups were working on a plate as well. Since each state controlled their own process, it was obvious Choose Life, Inc. needed to begin to network with all these state groups to keep them from all having to "re-invent the wheel."

Russ & Jill Amerling became the National Publicity Coordinators for Choose Life, Inc. and began traveling to other states to meet with interested citizens, train them in the process and become their volunteer/unpaid consultants.

By December 2013, Russ & Jill have travelled over 300,000 miles and met with groups and individuals in all 50 states and three Canadian Provinces.

As of August 2018, the Choose Life license plate was available in 32 states and Washington, DC (see map) and the plates have raised over $28 million in those states for the causes of life and adoption (see Newsletter). Over 1,200,000 plates have been sold/renewed in that time.

Choose Life America, Inc. was formed by Russ & Jill Amerling as a "vehicle" (pun intended) to take the idea of the Choose Life license plate across America. They were dubbed by a Washington radio commentator as the "Johnny Appleseed of the Choose Life Plate in America." They continue to work with the remaining state's groups and their goal is to get the plate approved in all 50 states and as many Canadian Provinces as possible.

Updated 2-27-2019