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The work of Choose Life America, Inc. is to help other groups and individuals get a Choose Life license plate in their state. As such, we would like to refer our supporters to other groups working to offer women alternatives to abortion for their unwanted pregnancies. Other links are pro-family groups working to support and enhance family life. Choose Life America, Inc. is not connected in any way with these organizations and this listing is done solely as an information service to our supporters.

Abortion Memorials
Please join others who share your compassion towards the unborn. Consider participating in a national prayer service for the destroyed babies.

Adoption Council
Adoption information and awareness.

Alexandra's House
A Charitable Perinatal Hospice and Infant Refugee. Our mission is to give hope, comfort, and meaning to suffering families and their very special babies. These are babies we know may die at or shortly after birth, but their parents make the heroic decision to carry their babies to term, in spite of its desperate outcome.

Alliance Defending Freedom
Advocates for your right to freely live out your faith in the areas of religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and family.

Click here to download a free PDF for Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Ministries
Our Protecting Your Pregnancy Center manual will help you safeguard your organization from legal intrusions some centers around the country have already faced, along with other threats on the horizon. This free resource – meant for a wide range of Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic faith-based ministries – provides simple and effective ways to prepare your center to stand against lawsuits that would threaten your ability to protect life. It includes sample language for bylaws, model policies, real-life examples, and more.

Click here to download a free PDF for Pro-life Sidewalk Counselors
Our Sidewalk Counselors guide includes topics such as: What does the First Amendment allow me to do as a sidewalk counselor? What types of activities are not protected by the First Amendment? How do I know if I am trespassing? What should I do if the police are called to the abortion clinic?

A Safe Haven for Newborns
Working to inform Floridians of the new law to help prevent abandonment of newborn babies and protect the mother and father.

Potty Training Children with Special Needs
A guide to addressing issues of when and how to begin toilet training, which can be particularly challenging for parents of children with special needs.

Bethany Christian Services
National adoption, unplanned pregnancy counseling and foster care services. 24 hr Pregnancy Crisis Line: 1-800-733-4604.

Care Net
Their network of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers offer hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support.

Drug Dangers
Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications.

Family Research Council Updates
Sign up for updates from the Family Research Council defending family, faith and freedom.

Heartbeat International
Founded in 1971, is a Christian association of 1,035 pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, non-profit adoption agencies, and medical clinics in 47 states and 37 countries. Heartbeat works to save and change as many lives as possible around the world by connecting people in need to an effective network of pregnancy centers (providing prevention, crisis intervention, and healing services) that are renewing their communities for LIFE. OptionLine below will help find a life-affirming supporting agency near you.

Option Line is a service to assist you locate free help with your pregnancy in your area. Either online or by phone (800) 712-4357.

Jacksonville for Life
An IRC 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting a culture of life in Jacksonville Florida.

Life Issues Institute, Inc.
Assuring through education, equal protection under the law for all humans from the beginning of their biological life at fertilization until natural death.
A daily compilation of pro-life news and information from around the world. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe" to:

National Life Chain
National Life Chain is a peaceful and prayful public witness of pro-life Americans standing for one hour praying for our nation and for an end to abortion.

Pregnancy In College's free, comprehensive guide to woman's Title IX Rights, Breastfeeding Resources, and links to further resources on balancing pregnancy and college.

Ramah International
A ministry dedicated to assisting the post-abortive individual and those who are considering an abortion decision. Through training programs, resources and direct ministry primarily through the Internet, Ramah exists to help wounded individuals understand the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Students for Life of America
A national college pro-life organization that seeks to connect pro-life students all across the country.

Music with a pro-life message:

Like a baby (Mom's Song)

Updated 12-22-2022